TimeSavers Courier Service - John Woodruff - President

John Woodruff


I have a passion for building and improving things. My education as an electrical engineer imparted me with the tools of multifaceted planning, organizing, and problem-solving, and through my experience working with such companies as AMG Vanadium, Cooper Standard Automotive, and ArcelorMittal, I developed my capacity as an innovative leader of people and a creative optimizer of complex systems.

After many years driving improvement in industry-leading companies, and inspiring success and synergy in departmental teams, I felt destined to employ my talents towards blazing a trail of my own, at the helm of my own company. In early 2021, after a great deal of research, it became clear to me that TimeSavers Courier - a delivery company up for sale and full of potential for growth - was the perfect challenge and opportunity for me.

This undertaking would be impossible without the adept and incessant support of my wife, Vice President, and TimeSavers co-owner, Jennie Woodruff. Our singular goal for this venture is to develop and optimize TimeSavers Courier to become the most trusted and preferred expedited-delivery service in Central Ohio. We believe that by focusing on the satisfaction of our customers, their loyalty and word-of-mouth will secure our success.